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Health and Exercise

Healthy Eating Facts

How to Start
Exercise (Facts)
Eat Right (Facts)

Healthy Diet Facts




 Improves the way the body functions


 Strengthens your immune system


Increases energy


 Prevents weight problems


 A balanced diet helps your body get the nutrients it needs


 A healthy diet can prevent the risk of cancer, stroke, osteoporosis and heart disease and can help treat high blood pressure and diabetes


 Can help reduce stress

        The main benefit to having a healthy diet is the way that you feel.  People that do not have a healthy diet and do not exercise are beat when they get home from work.  On the other hand, people with a healthy diet can enjoy the rest of their day by having energy to do activities that they have fun doing.  This only improves your quality of life.  It enables you to go out and do what makes you happy instead of sitting at home and think about having fun.  Maintaining a healthy diet is the most important way to maintain an active lifestyle.