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Health and Exercise

How to Start

How to Start
Exercise (Facts)
Eat Right (Facts)

It's easy.. and it's worth it.

Many people have the misleading idea that "exercising" means hanging out in the gym all day while weight lifting.  They can't be any further from the truth.  Exercising can be as simple as playing catch with your dog, or taking a quick walk around the neighborhood.  Some people complain about not having the adequate amount of time necessary to exercise.  Taking an early morning walk or a walk in the evening after work is a great form of exercise.  And for the busy people out there, it can take less than 15 minutes!  Keep up a healthy habit of regular exercise and your body will thank you.  The change you feel is very noticable.  You begin to feel greater and healthier every time you exercise.  It also makes you feel better about yourself.  A few exercises you can do to get started are:
Going on walks
Playing with your dog
Playing sports with friends
Working out
Going to the gym
You'll soon see how easy this really is.  Your body will thank you.
Eating right isn't as bad as people sometimes say.  Your body will love the attention its getting and you'll feel noticably healthier.  Eating right goes right along with exercising.  Starting on your journey to healthy eating isn't hard.  Just start out by getting rid of one bad food at a time.  Cut down on restaurant food and eat home-made meals more often.  This is, guaranteed, much healthier than eating out all the time.  Some things you can do to start a healthier diet are:
Spend less on junk food and more on fruits and vegetables.
Check the ingredients label before purchasing a food product.  Look for unpreferred ingredients (i.e. hydrogenated oils).
Drop a few unhealthy foods a week until you adapt to the new diet.
Eat at home more than eating out at restaurants.  Theres no telling what kind of ingredients restaurants put in your food, or how sanitary it is.